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The MBCI Reunion

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Reunions [Dec. 8th, 2006|12:33 am]
The MBCI Reunion
Has anyone in this community ever attended an MBCI reunion? Like a real one? When's the first one, 10 years?

[User Picture]From: fretnoise
2006-12-09 11:56 am (UTC)
hahaha we were soooooo close. alison, sean, and i were planning to get on the roof of jubilee place and camp out in tents. we had already devised a couple of ways of getting on top of the roof, and were all ready with a somewhat rough outline of events to get everything up there uncaught (one of which involved hiding in the chem lab until the school was locked) but were basically told that should we ever attempt something like that and get caught, we would definitely not be graduating.
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From: red_is_best
2006-12-09 11:29 pm (UTC)
A foil in our plan was DEFINITELY them removing one of the 2 storey drain pipes. But then, yeah a few of us had some Friendly Chats with people who maybe held some power over our high school diplomas...


man we should totally still do it. '14!
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