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a new way to waste a little time [Feb. 6th, 2005|01:21 pm]
The MBCI Reunion

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[music |the reception - salvaging]

A'ight all you people of the MBCI persuasion.

This community exists for the solemn purposes of:
1. enabling present and former MBCI'ers to find the journals of like types, and seeecretly read them.
2. informing the MBCI lj community of anything we might all want to know, like band shows or some kind of important school/teacher news (if there is such a thing)... or shameless self-promotion, whatever.
3. relating humorous/tragicomic stories about our experience in the Institute, if anyone is so inclined (and bored, like me).

So even if you scratched marks in your arms to count the days until you could leave that place, why not join anyway? It's not like we're going to make you come to chapel.

Post whatever and whenever once you're a member, which involves clicking the "join" button. Don't spam, it's not funny once the illegal substances run out. If you have some band or piece of MBCI trivia to add to the "interests" list, by all means comment and tell me.

I'm Jackie, in case you don't know, and graduated last year... I'm the moderator because it was my idea. All hail, etc.

So yeah. Go to, or don't, because I can't see anyone having a pressing need to post here. Talk about a self-deprecating start to a community.
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